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Finding Natural Bliss . . .


Before I made handcrafted goat milk products, my work life required a lot of travel on the road. Air travel, temperature changes, luggage handling, and sprinting to catch flights left my skin dry, cracked, and suffering. 


My 20 seconds of bliss during this chaotic orchestration of business travel occurred shortly after settling into my airplane seat: I applied goat milk lotion to my dry skin. 


It was such a simple and soothing experience. It felt amazing: like quenching your thirst on a hot day, or a long anticipated hug after months apart from a loved one. I applied the lotion, took a deep breath, and continued my day. At night, I apologized to my tired feet with some goat milk lotion before going to sleep.


I soon became curious about what made goat milk so special and why other lotions didn't measure up to my "bliss test". A dear friend dared me to make my own goat milk lotion formulation; loving a challenge, I conducted research, tested many formulations, and created a unique line of products worthy of bliss! These lotions and creams feel soft, luxurious, and absorb into your skin without leaving you feeling greasy.


So why goat milk?


Goat milk is amazing for your skin because its inherent qualities work to nurture, protect, and regenerate skin cells.


Read more about the benefits of goat milk and our other choice ingredients on our FAQs page.


And know there is a lot of love involved in formulating products for your natural bliss! These formulations are handcrafted in small batches to ensure exceptional quality and safety. 


The day to day realities of the world can be harsh on our bodies and our spirits. I hope you find comfort and soothing bliss with Gracious Goat products.



Peace and kindness,



Kim Kandel Gracianette





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