Our Philosophy

How we started

Gracious Goat lotions and creams started with a

very basic personal need:


Find a cream that provided soothing relief from dry, cracked, and tired skin . . .




     . . . that felt amazing to apply and would actually make me smile

     . . . that provided my skin with nutrients

     . . . that helped me look youthful 

     . . . that was pleasing to smell, but not overwhelming

     . . . that contained quality ingredients, free of artificial fragrances

     . . . that traveled well

     . . . that was not offensive to my partner or my dog

     . . . that allowed me to operate a door knob after applying

     . . . that provided me bliss, simply by using it


Am I picky?


Perhaps, but the result is a growing line of products that nourish and moisturize the skin and leaves you feeling wonderful! Bye, bye, dry skin!


Please visit our About Us page to learn more about the story of Gracious Goat.


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